Summer 23 Release

Check out the new Formstack features we’ve added to make your team more productive this summer!
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Summer 2023 Release

Summer is in full swing and we’ve got a few new fresh ways to automate additional workflows! Formstack’s low-code / no-code workflow automation tool makes it easy to put busywork on auto-pilot. 

And we’re dedicated to making improvements. Formstack is built to grow with your organization. So, whether you’re looking to automate a manual paper workflow or have a partially digitized process you’d like to fully automate, we’ve got you covered! 

With updates to our Platform, Documents, and Forms for Salesforce products, you can build and improve processes quickly and efficiently. And with the confidence that comes from knowing you're using the best tools available, you'll be able to tackle your business goals with ease.

Check out our Summer ‘23 Release, and see for yourself how we're refreshing the game when it comes to workplace productivity.

Formstack Forms
In-Session Signing

Simplify how your end users experience form completion and document signing. 

In today's world, countless requests flood our email inboxes. If your organization needs to collect or generate documents that require signatures, our latest feature, In-Session Signing, can help your teams reduce friction and inbox noise for your customers, clients, patients, and students.

With In-Session Signing, anyone can complete a form and sign a document in one place, without having to navigate to different browser tabs or wait for an email to start the process.

This feature streamlines the signing process and reduces the time required to get new contracts or important signed documents completed, allowing for greater productivity throughout the workday.

Want to learn more about In-Session Signing? Schedule a demo to get a firsthand look.

Submission Search Improvements

We’ve made submission management even easier!

Gathering tons of form data? Want a better way to review your submissions? We’ve heard your feedback and have implemented improvements to the Forms submission search experience to allow users to sort and filter their submissions faster and with more stability.

This feature has been highly requested by customers! Want to learn more? Start a trial of Formstack Forms today.

Formstack Workflows

Improve end-user accessibility with Forms for Salesforce

To better support Salesforce form users with various ability levels, we have enhanced the accessibility of the Lookup Field with a new feature called Auto-Suggest. Auto-Suggest removes the need for a mouse to interact with Lookup Fields making Forms for Salesforce forms more accessible for screen readers and other accessibility devices. With this feature, users will have the option to prefill their Lookup Field as well and choose which field value to display. 

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Salesforce API Upgrade

Match to your Salesforce data model with Forms for Salesforce

Forms for Salesforce has upgraded to Salesforce API v57 which means it is now compatible with Education Cloud, Netzero Cloud, and Nonprofit Cloud. Now, users can build forms with more relationships and using more Salesforce objects, all directly in Salesforce. Salesforce objects only available on v57, such as the Assets object, can now be used.

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Formstack Forms for Salesforce
Coming Soon!

Exciting updates coming to Formstack Forms

We’ve got some exciting changes coming to Formstack Forms over the next few months. Many of the updates won’t be visible to the average user, but we’re implementing changes that will make Forms easier and more reliable to use, and enable future innovations within Formstack Forms. To give you a little taste of what’s coming, here are some changes you’ll notice on the newest version of Formstack Forms: 

  • Updated Progress Bar 
  • New Share Tab 
  • Improved Error Handling 

Ready for the newest version of Formstack Forms? Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on when your account can be migrated and keep an eye out for the migration tool so your existing forms can be on the newest experience.

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